Every great journey starts from somewhere.

Settlements are the home bases for all pioneers working in the associated region within the reach of the settlements security and supplies.

Settlements generally cost 1 Red, 1 Blue and 4 Green to establish. Given their Red and Blue requirements, most Settlements are best established in a place already rich in resources.

Settlments typically produce in turn 1 Red, 1 Blue and 2 Green as a staple.

Each settlment can support a number of outposts, usually with a maximum of 5. Outposts must be connected to the settlment, and become exponentially more expensive as they are built further and further from the father settlement.

Forges are only constructable at settlments, as are a number of advanced structures.

Walls and can be constructed to increase the Stress and Defense levels of settlements.

Settlments serve as the rally point for fathered units


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