Portal Research

Portal Research
So far, the research into the portals has not born much fruit in terms of actual use, however we have managed to determine a few things.

1. There is a blood element of some description
2. Something of value must be used to open the portal
3. A smooth surface

The First Experience
After children wandered mysteriously into the night, the exploration team followed them into some shacks, where on one of the walls, a mysterious shape was painted on the wall.

The “corpse jack” creatures that inhabited these shacks appeared to be able to enter and exit these portals. Upon Coulson opening a portal, it appeared to lead to a low gravity environment, with a crescent, in view. This is likely space, mind you in this world anything is possible. The site still remains in tact, and further research into these portals will be conducted.

Enter Corpsejack

The First Experiment
Upon recovering a corpse jack corpse, its blood was used over some pages of a journal (A valuable item to Elijah), over a smooth surface and this was the closest we’d gotten to opening it, despite it bearing no results, I have a feeling this is the way. All witnessed portals have been displayed on a smooth surface, covered in blood.


Further research is needed for this vital asset…

Portal Research

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