Where as Settlements are the base of operations, Outposts act as civilisations reach out into the wilderness.

Each Settlment can support 5 Outposts, with an additional 2 per Red available to them.

Outposts serve to act as early warning stations, resource gathering establishments, military training camps and anything else that is better done away from a busteling Settlement.

The most obvious and essential use for Outposts however lies in their ability to extend the reach of a Settlements influence in the world. By the shortest path possible, easy to traverse Roads are carved between each Outpost to connect to the Settlement. As long as these paths are unbroken, trade and resources can flow freely across the entirity of the Settlement network. Sever this connection though, and the unsupported Outposts will begin to decay. Trade and resource sharing is restricted to connected Holdings.

Outposts rise and fall, and are often abandoned in favour of a more lucrative location.

All upgrades are applicable only once per outpost, (having 2 lumber mills is prohibited) but you may purchase several different upgrades for the one outpost providing the surrounding environment allows it.

Production Upgrades:

Lumber Mill (3G) – Requires Forested zone.
Table Saws – Requires Lumber Mill
Lumber Yard (5G) – Stores up to 2G. Max of 3 Yards per outpost.
Tunnels – Requires Mineral Deposit
Full-Scale Mining – Requires Mineral Deposit, Tunnels
Domestic Pens (Special)

Military Upgrades:

Barracks (4G) – Allows the production of Scouts
Archery Range (2G, 1Y) – Allows Archery proficiency
CQC Training Camp (2G, 1Y) – Allows Fighter proficiency
Stables (?? ) – ??
Cavalary Grounds (?? ) – ??
Hatchery (?? ) – ??
Beast Grounds (?? ) – ??!!!!
Aviary (!! !!) – STAHP!

Expansion Upgrades:

Roads (2G per Coin) – Additional Roads can be built between Outposts for contingency
Aerials (?? ) – ??
Slingshot Outpost (4G, 1R, 1B,) – A slingshot Outpost is built up to 3 coins away from any other outpost, is not connected via road, and can survive on its own for 3 ticks. For additional cost and risk, Roads can be built to that slingshot outpost at the usual rate. A slingshot outpost may not exceed a 7 coin distance from a Settlement, lest it decay.
Fishery (?? ) – ??


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