Enter: Corpsejack, Hunter of the Dreamland

Day _____

Upon hearing tales of children going missing in the night while sleeping, expedition took the initiative and concocted a plan to rescue the missing children. The children knew something about the on-goings, but refused to tell adults. Dividing the children between each other to protect them and try to collect information from them, a crazed woman started muttering about how the children she was tasked with (The Olson Twins) were haunting her. Upon investigation, the children she was supposedly tasked with did not exist, and so she was comforted, supervised and eventually sedated. Putting a collection of remaining children in the barn, seemed to lure out the creature, as it possessed the crazed woman, causing the children to link hands and march off into the woods.

In the space of a few hours, the children marched through 2 days worth of travel, a marvel which still stumps me, perhaps portals are to blame. Expedition followed them through this journey, and eventually they arrived at two large shacks. Upon reaching this destination, shots were fired and the chain was broken, leaving half the kids to walk into a shack, and half of them to collapse unconscious. Upon investigation of the buildings, two corpsejacks were found lurking the building. One of the corpses was brutalised and destroyed, but one of the corpses was salvaged for later research. Upon encountering these corpsejacks, expedition encountered portals which they were using to transport, one which was destroyed, and the other seemingly lead to space. In the process of investigating, one of these outposts were destroyed, however everyone managed to get out alive. All of the children were brought back to the camp, however the remaining missing children were never discovered. A photo frame of the children ‘the Olsen twins’ was found, and brought back to the encampment to be documented upon later.

After the survivors were confirmed safe, experiments began on the corpsejacks and their portals. Not a whole lot was discovered, however the investigation on how these portals work continue. A new specimen will be required for further investigation on the corpsejacks.

Portal Research

Death Toll: 6.

Official Statement
“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to get down from this stage for a moment to talk to you. Please come closer: I want everyone to hear this.
I am so so sorry to tell you that seven children from this colony will not be returning home. We found their bodies an hour away from Draketown, buried beneath a landslide. All that was left was these few remains.
Last night, Expedition saved a group of children from a collapsing structure, far out in the woods again. This sneaking out after dark must end. The kids are now having nightmares and struggling to discern what is false from what is real.
People of Draketown, I implore you: we must set the example. Show these children that there are three things that will keep our colony safe: we must trust Expedition and the Hierarchy, we must never go alone and, most important of all, we need to stay behind the wall.
We have lost lives for no reason. Let’s not let it happen again.”
- Night-Captain Nathaniel Drake, Y0M2 (year0month2 after landing)

If we tell the settlers what happened our colony will be paralysed with fear. I haven’t been able to sleep since that night with the Pied Piper, knowing what else may lurk out there. My only comfort has been the the thought of wiping these horrors from the face of the earth. I am good with a gun: you are all brilliant at what you do best. This – and your fortitude – is why you were chosen to join the ranks of Expedition. Not everyone is fit to see what we do. Not everyone can take it.
I would ask you to keep your secrecy – for now – about the invisibility, mind control capabilities of certain foes beyond the wall. There is a time and place for knowledge, and unfortunately it’s not now. Panic will cripple us. Panic will kill us all.
Please keep me updated on the results of the samples and monster autopsy. It would be good to know if all the children are in that… mess, or whether some might still be alive.
Stay safe.
In The Ship We Trust
- Nathan



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