Day of The Walls

Day ______

Finally mankind took a step onto land, and started re-claiming territory. “Crocodogs” attacked the settlement while they were constructing walls. Bubbles managed to capture and tame one of said crocodogs which has been living in the encampment without issue since. The walls were completed.

This is the first officially documented void pet.

Official Statement
The walls are done, we’ll have a safe base of operations from now on.

The migration has begun. The first half of the crew is on the island- the other half still sleeps on the boat. Some are less excited to be on rift-territory, but times change. Humanities most valuable evolution was the ability to adapt. Or, well… Adapt the shit out of everything around us.

Thank god for Expedition… As crazy as they are, we’re gonna need those suicidal nut jobs… I can already tell we’ll be racking up a debt pretty soon- or we would, if the health of this community wasn’t as much their business as it is mine.

Marvin came back and told me everything. One up to the human race, aye?

The Prof ain’t too keen on keeping a rift-beast as a pet, but no one’s getting between Bubbles and that pup. Cep’t maybe Anthony- but no one wants to mess with that powder keg. Personally, I see opportunity…

We have to start learning how to make this environment work for US. It’s about time we burned our way back to the top of the food chain.

Expedition took a few builders out west, to put up a forward outpost. They marked the track out there- gonna make getting a handle on these megalith trees a tad easier. Still don’t know how we’re gonna make use of these things- short of blowing ’em up with explosives. Little Megah had some mad ideas about hollowing them out- or making tree houses “like the ewoks”. What the hell is an Ewok…

In any case, this is really happening. Forty years abroad, and we’re finally back.

We’re home, baby.

- Brauk



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