This world is new… That much we can assume. Too much time has passed us now that we can safely retell of the way the planet used to spin, but it matters not.

We live in this place now- this place of… confusion and darkness. Our ancestors before us suffered the great shock of the rifting, the displacment of anything once concrete in our universe.

But they’re gone now. The last survivors of the age of control are long since claimed, buried beneath our feet or ash across our oceans.

So here we now struggle in our reality of uncertainty: Where creatures never told of make toothpicks from our spires and hunting is a two-way game.

But where we sacrifice our place atop the apex of the predatory pryamid, this tragedy does reward us…

Our maps need be rewritten- our science need be rethought. Impossibilities have run rampant through our earthly dwelling and thus open to us an endless maze of corridors for which to ascend our species back to where it once stood.

This world may be harsh, this world may not be ours… But it is a world in which we can begin to truly make our mark.


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